Harness the Power of Top (Multibagger Stocks) in the US Markets To Potentially Double Your Portfolio in 3 Years or Less, Without Spending Hours to Research or Opening Any Single Chart
Here's What You'll Be Getting:

Monthly Live Calls

Get Joey's Top US stocks revealed and analyzed LIVE in an Interactive call for 90 mins at the last Saturday morning of every month. 2 Brand NEW US stocks will be revealed and more importantly why and what to do with it. 

Not able to make it for the live session, not a problem, each live session will be recorded and placed in the member's area so you can view in your free time. 

Portfolio of 30 Plus Hand-Selected Top US Stocks Revealed

Discover the Top Value/Growth Stocks in the US Market to Hold in Your Portfolio to Ride the Uptrend.

Receive a deep-dive analysis of the major buying and selling decisions of The Monthly Edge portfolio.

See which stocks get added and which gets removed each time.

Key Market Commentary Including Technical Outlook

In the month end live call and also mid month pre-recorded video, Joey will give you a quick update on where the market is heading and the technical outlook.

Joey will walk you through the state of play in the current market and the major news and developments around the world you should be aware of.

Expert Analysis: When to Buy and Sell, Why to Buy and Sell

There is no point having a stock idea but no idea what to do with it.

Take note of the KEY levels where potential entries can be taken and also Where you can Start to lock in Profits. 

In the month end live call and also mid month pre-recorded video, Joey will do a chart analysis with simple entry and exit levels on these Top US Stocks in the portfolio so you know what to do.

Q&A Sessions

Not too sure what you need to do? Or maybe you have a stock that you need a quick opinion on?

Seek Joey's expert advise in this LIVE Q&A session after his stocks are revealed in the month end live call and get your questions answered.

Secret Goggle Sheet to View The Monthly Edge Portfolio 24/7

Access the Top 30 over US stocks portfolio anytime anywhere via this Google Sheet which will be shared with you.

Get Joey's personal rating on each stock, understand the fundamental reason behind the call, PLUS potential entry levels before it runs.

Changes to this Google sheet will be made in either the month end live call or mid month pre-recorded video.

Never Been Released Stock Ideas

Every once in a while, a BRAND NEW Multibagger stock idea comes into the picture.

These stocks will be released in the month end live call as the opportunity arises and the Google sheet gets updated too.

Be the first to execute on these stocks before they start rallying.

Direct Access to Joey Choy

Get direct access to Joey on this live call as he addresses your pressing issues about the market and get your doubts clarified.

This is so you can move forward and take positive steps to grow your portfolio rather then see it stagnate or worst shrink.

Who Is This For:

  • This is for you if you are new to the stock market and would like to know what are the Top Fundamentally Strong and High Growth US stocks to buy and hold to see exponential growth in your portfolio.
  • ​This is for you if you are an experienced trader or investor, but would like to put high probability long term up-trending US stocks in your portfolio for double digit percentage gains.
  • This is for you if you want to get a head start and an EDGE every new month and know which sectors or stocks are in play and also to know what levels to start eyeing them.
  • ​This is NOT for you if you are a day trader who likes to get in and out of the market fast. 
  • ​This is NOT for you if you are looking at buying stocks in the SG market.
  • ​This is NOT for you if you are thinking to get rich quick in a few days or minutes.

Is It Possible to Double Your Portfolio in One Year 
(and do it again and again and again?)

Yes, but ONLY IF you Get In on the Right Stocks at the Right Time. 

The Monthly Edge is the model US Stock portfolio from Top Tier Stockbroker and Trader in Singapore, Joey Choy who’s brought returns like... 

Broadcom Inc (AVGO)

M/I Homes (MHO)

Your best bet to beat the market is, simply, to find that 1% of stocks that will survive and thrive. Wall Street won’t help you. 

But The Monthly Edge provides exclusive access to Joey, whose model portfolio from 1st Jan 2023 is averaging +133% returns! 

This live call and training here will actually help make your money grow... not take it.

Not only have we figured out what stocks to put our money on, but we have also done all the hard work and heavy lifting for you.

This premium service will save you a ton of money, time and resources so that you can focus on spending time with your loves ones while your portfolio grows exponentially in the long term.

(And yes… we’ll also tell you if a stock shifts to a ‘Hold or Sell’ rating.) Here's the crazy part.

I really want to make it a no brainer for you to try this out that I want to bribe you for it, which is why I'm willing to give you access to this whole thing for...

(Cancel anytime)

Here's What to Do Next...

Click on the button below to join The Monthly Edge premium service to see the Top US Stocks to have in your portfolio right now and most importantly when to get in and out on them.

Normally S$197 / Month

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ONLY S$97/month
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Frequently Asked Questions

 How are these stocks different from what you share with clients in Phillip Securities?

Stocks that are shared with clients are mainly SG stocks, short to mid term trades in nature. 

The Monthly Edge portfolio consists of US stocks ONLY that are mainly for buy and hold for 2 to 5 years depending on how the stock performs. 

It is for longer term investors who want to focus on up-trending and Top fundamentally strong US stocks that can potentially 3x our money but takes time to play out.

 Will there be a brand new portfolio of 5 - 10 stocks revealed every month?

No, it will not be a brand new portfolio or a NEW set of 10 stocks every month. The stocks are mainly for buy and hold and does not change every month. Stocks which still has upside potential will be reiterated again and perhaps those whose upside potential has played out or if we see weakness may be removed. 

There will be 2 BRAND NEW US stocks a month that will be revealed at the end of the live call and Joey will explain why and what to do with it. 

Essentially, we want to let the stocks ride as high as it can go while protecting profits. How high really depends on where the stock wants to take us. 

 Is it guaranteed to make money?

No one can guarantee that you'll 100% make money in the stock market. Life is inherently risky by itself. What more the stock market.

But I believe there is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing. Anybody who make such guarantees please stay away...

The Monthly Edge High Growth Portfolio has allowed us to make gains in excess of 30% over the past quarter.

 Does Joey personally invest and buy into these stocks shared?

Yes of course. 

These are stocks that he is currently holding, thinking to buy more, or perhaps exited and looking to enter again.

 Is there a trial for this?

Unfortunately, there is no trial for this premium service. 

Once you join The Monthly Edge, you will get immediate access to this service’s full buy-list and deep-dive research. That’s why this service doesn’t offer a free trial or refunds. It simply wouldn’t be fair to allow investors to join, copy the most valuable recommendations, and then cancel - all for free.

 How can I cancel my subscription?

Need to cancel your subscription (not sure why you’d want to)? 

Just drop an email to support@trading-impossible.com with your name, email address as well as all the information that you have that may help us meet your needs faster!

 Can we do short term contra trading on these stocks shared?

You can if you want but this portfolio is mainly NOT for contra trading. You'll need to be able to hold on to these stocks to truly multiply your portfolio and see double digit ROI over time.

 If I miss the live call, will there be a repeat again?

No worries, if you missed the live call, you can view the recorded video in your free time that will be placed in the member's area. 

There will not be another repeated live call for that same session. 

 Will you be sharing stocks where short positions can be taken to ride the downside?

No, these are stocks for buy and hold in the longer term. Not for taking shorts or to profit from the weakness.

 How long do we need to hold on to these stocks that are shared?

It really depends on how the stock plays out. It can be a few weeks to a few months or maybe even a few years. 

If there can still be more upside potential, why cut it short. We want to let our positions ride or maybe even add more and average up to really see those double or triple digit percentage gains.

Essentially, this is a longer term uptrend buy and hold portfolio where Joey will share potential entry and exit levels on these stocks.

 When will the live call be held monthly and how do I get on to it after subscribing?

The live calls will be held on the last Saturday of every month at 10am. 

Once you have subscribed, you will gain access to the member's area where you can see all the dates and time. 

1 week before each live call, a secret link to register will be in the member's area and also emailed to you.

Once registered, you will receive timely reminders to attend the live call.

At the middle of every month, there will also be a video placed in the member's area where you will be alerted by email.
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